Earthly Things Blog

Earth to Daisy serves as both a resource and a gathering place for the contemporary plant moms. Our News blog acts as an auxiliary space.

The majority of our Plant Mom material is found on our Earthly Things Blog, yet you can unearth a few (is it earthy or earthly?) gems right here too. We boast a significant collection of plants, surpassing many but not all. Primarily, we're drawn to the communal aspect of the house plant world.

Does that encompass gardeners? Indeed. Survivors of the Plantdemic? Absolutely. Flower Farmers? Certainly. Homesteaders? Without a doubt.

Our aura is one of nurturing and nature, with a distinct plant aesthetic. We are scribes at our core and shopkeepers in our daily life. Our narrative is as profound as yours. Thank you for existing. We look forward to possible interactions.

We encourage you to embrace the outdoors, to venture into new experiences, to not fear getting dirty. We inspire you to acquire new plants and to invite the outdoors into your home, exchanging plants with newfound friends.

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