Simple Plant Background Plant Posters

Simple Plant Background Plant Posters

We can't put a plant in every corner because ... reasons.  But never fear!  Simple plant backgrounds are here— in the form of plant posters from Earth to Daisy.  **Phew**

Simple Plant Background Styles

Be Leafin Plant Poster

These Monstera leaves will fill your wall with foliage, even in the darkest corner!  Don't let those reasons keep you down.  


Simple Plant Background | Trailing Tuesday 

Now, that's a hashtag we love to see.  Foliage Friday and Trailing Tuesday are our people.  String of Pearls shines with minimal effort and we are here for it.  Two of these simple plant background images will frame just about anything with a little symmetry.  Where would you put these?


Fern Filler Plant Poster

We are transported directly to the forest at the sight of a fern. Even just a small visual will do.  Take a peak at our foliage filler frame series for very simple plant backgrounds for earthy house decor.  


DIY Simple Plant Background

For an eco-friendly design hack, take a trip through your closet.  Find a few frames.  

Step 1: Find Old Frames

Do you happen to have a few that aren't on display?  Check the sizes and you can do a lovely plant inspired background by choosing a few plant posters from our foliage frame series!

How many of each do you have?

  • 5x7
  • 8x10
  • 9x12

Step 2: Buy Simple Plant Background Posters

We love this hack!  You can freshen up a whole room instantly with just 3 or four similar images, even if the frames are mismatched!


By choosing similar images, you can maintain a cohesive look even with an eclectic mix of frames.


Step 3: Freshen Up

Freshen up the darkest wall in your house with plants, despite dim lighting!




What's your favorite color and why is it green?