Plant Parenthood

Hey, You.

What are you looking forward to this season?

Visible growth, /or/ a slow time to strengthen your roots?

The Collections from Earthy to Daisy are curated to help our homes feel natural and free.

A mix of natural, nurturing, nesting, and retail therapy ... we are plant-people with philodendron-leaf-shaped hearts.

We will see you on Trailing Tuesday. What are you propagating these days? Check out our collections for the meditation room and the plant room to get your vibes, and buy 3 get 1 for the deals.

The foliage fillers frame series is supported by your eco friendly nature. We want you to scour your home for used frames that aren't adorning your walls with greatness. Adding cohesive foliage photos to mismatched frames creates a sustainable and artsy, modern look!

Plant parenthood is better with friends.

Send nodes!

Jk! Photos of your earthy home decor will do perf!


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