Cozy Earthy Bedroom Vibes

Whether it's the addition of a doggo, an earthy scent, twigs or trees,a few too many plants or just visuals of foliage, there are many ways to create cozy earthy bedroom vibes.


Add a Fluffy Dog


1 Like = 1 Boop

fluffy white dog on bed with plants in window behind



Minimal Earthy Bedroom

Okay, we get it.   You like plants, but don't want bugs in the bedroom.  You can create a cozy earthy bedroom with natural, finished elements like a wooden headboard, a wooden side table, wooden picture frames.  White bedding for a crispy clean look and a green paint color for earth tone home decor on the walls.


earthy bedroom with white linen, green walls, and wood frames, headboard, & night stand


Here's another style of an earthy bedroom with no actual, living plants, in case someone is not into that. 


wooden bed frame with white and grey linen, grey walls, and a wooden shelf with outdoorsy photos in black and white


Plants and Plant Fibers for Cozy Earthy Decor


We're plant people.  The coziest rought to an earthy bedroom?  Plant.  Heck. Trees, if you can.  If you can't ... How about a rattan gallery wall?  You can find cool baskets at most thrift stores.

cozy bedroom with plants and rattan basket gallery wall


Real Plants and Plant Posters

The way we see it, every room deserves the coziness of foliage.  Whether it's a dark alocasia, or an easy-as-pie ZZ Plant, put your plants on a pedestal and hang a plant poster for good measure.


grey bedroom with plants and a woman hanging a monstera plant poster from Earth to Daisy


Wooden Plant Shelf

Cozy and Earthy can be as simple as a few plants on a wooden shelf. Lucky enough to have wood floor?  Consider your full-on earthy cozy bedroom vibes complete.


white bedding and walls with wood floors, a rattan lamp shade and a few simple houseplants on a wooden shelf