Neutral Christmas Decor

Neutral Christmas Decor


Neutral Christmas Decor with natural elements has our hearts as healthy happy plant moms.


Jingle-bells are cool,

but can we hold the green and red?


If its not Poinsettias, we don't want it. 


Neutral or Natural Christmas vibes, please.

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The simplest way to get neutral Christmas decor is with your wrapping paper.  It's common to have presents wrapped and under the tree before Christmas Day. 

I'm a believe in patternless places to rest the eye.  One way to achieve a visual moment of visual silence in your home is with soft or neutral colored wrapping paper instead of bright and clashy santa scenes.



Want low-cost Christmas decorations?  Find a stick, cut into 5 pieces and make a very simple star.  Heck, make 3 and you officially have a Christmas theme.

natural christmas decor star made of sticks


Not great at tying twigs together?  No problem!

Find a neutral colored vase or pitcher and stick some twigs inside!  A few simple wooden snowflakes and a sprig of evergreen ... there you have some natural and neutral Christmas decor.

neutral and natural christmas decor with sticks and wooden snowflakes in a white pitcher


We're fans of the pages-out bookshelf look as well. 

A simple, cost-free way to enhance the natural vibes and increase the less is more look of neutral Christmas decor.




Neutral Christmas Decor via Wrapping


One easy way to get neutral Christmas decor is to get neutral wrapping paper this holiday season.  A lot of us buy and wrap Christmas gifts before the holidays arrive and store them under our own trees.  If you just choose a nice natural wrapping paper, you're goign to do a lot for the natural christmas aesthetic this season!


neutral christmas text on white and natural wrapping paper set up