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Earth to Daisy's Ambassadors are plant people and friends.  We thrive in bright, indirect light and 1/2 strength fertilizer.


Pothos rooting in water at Earth to Daisy

Join the Grow Crew! 
Join Earth to Daisy Ambassadors!


We love to see our garden grow && we are sprinkling some fertilize your way, too!


Join our plant mom fam and get a 15% discount + earn 10% commission for each sale you refer via your personal discount code or links. 

How it works —>>

  1. Create an account by clicking the green "join now" button.
  2. You can change your coupon code, or copy it!
  3. You are ready to snag your referral link.

Likely, you can figure this all out on your own. But we send instructions anyway!  You'll get you a few welcome emails with a few how-tos to make it really easy for you over the next few weeks.


Once you become an affiliate, we are wanting to grow together as we nurture ourselves, the farm, and you!  The fam!


Next step beyond joining the crew is to become an Earth to Daisy Collaborator.  Collaborators are hand-picked for freshness!  We want you to succeed and for our products to be seamlessly included in your home and feed! 





Who gets approved to be an Ambassador?

Plant-loving women who are excited about sustainability, wellness, creativity and finding a way through the crowd is who you'll be running with once approved!  You must be 18 years of age and be able to receive payments via Paypal.


How are commission payouts processed?

Once your balance is $20 or over, you'll be paid out via Paypal.  It's so easy!


Where can I promote Earth to Daisy?

You can promote Earth to Daisy on your social networks, your blog, or your website.  We include 4 Weekly Promo prompts upon approval for your first month as an ambassador and update the site regularly.  


No commitments, only opportunity, but have you ever heard that saying?

Opportunity only dances with those already on the dance floor!


Join Earth to Daisy Ambassadors!


Dreaming of more?

We are happy to go deeper if you're interested in contributing content above and beyond average.  If you have something to share with our community, we are always looking for creatives and professionals to join our collaborators.



Collaboration Content Subject:

Houseplants, Garden, Homesteading, Flower Farming,

Health, Wealth, Happiness, Wellness.

Earth to Daisy chooses to focus on the positive. 


If you have knowledge you're interested in sharing with our community:

—>> send us some info to: or @earthto.daisy and we can set up a system that helps us reach our collaborative goals together:


Join Earth to Daisy Ambassadors!