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Plants are pals.

We're happy to chat with people, too.

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We're into passing notes.

How are the plants?! 


We are tickled pink to meet. 
Sitting pretty at the edge of our seat. 
Ice coffee comes in, we're taking a stand. 
Watering can in hand, checking for pests. 
Writing what's right and seeing what's left.


Copywriting team at Earth to Daisy with iced coffee

Earth to Daisy is a Plant-Inspired 🪴 Home Decor Store 🛋

Contact- Earth-to-Daisy-Blank-Note Earth to Daisy Copywriting Services

A Copywriting Agency for

Women of Earth. 

Start with a message in an internet bottle... float it out to sea....  or maybe it's space...  While the message bounces along, and you go about your day... the universe conspires to manifest waves that send your memo

where it needs to go.



 Copywriting Inquiries + Ambassador Accolades... Service Requests or Order Issues, Collab Ideas + Maker Pitches.... It all starts here. 


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Send our tiny team a little note and we'll be in touch

to get your order right or write your order. 

We can brainstorm a little plan to help you and Pinky take over the world,

or to creatively devise a little collaboration. 

You might be a maker that's created something lovely for plant friends, or maybe you know a human worth spreading? We are a small female owned business, and we're here to support, well... small female owned businesses! The fall of the patriarch is gradual, and it starts with collaboration, learning what you don't know, and working with women that have the part you're missing. 

Together-- we win.  




  Play along, we might be for you. 

We find it fun to see what we can get done.

We are curious...

What have you been up to?