Propagation of Rubber Tree

Propagation of Rubber Tree

Hey, babe.  This is going to take a few weeks, but the propagation of a rubber tree is something you can get excited about.

So you have a beautiful rubber tree, but now you want two!  No problem.

Lettuce get you more rubber trees. 

Ficus is easy to propagate. 


Steps to Propagation

  • Decide on Rooting Hormone
  • Clean Your Cutters
  • Choose a Stem
  • Make A Clean Cut
  • Clear the Stem
  • Rooting Hormone
  • Place in Water or rooting medium

First Things First

The first thing is to decide if you'll be using a rooting hormone.  It's not step one, but you won't have it if you don't plan for it.


A rooting hormone promotes root formation in plants.  Rootinghormones encourage cell division and growth. If you don't use a rooting hormone, many plants will still form roots.  Pothos are naturally very good at rooting and often don't require additional hormones.  Pothos are a great beginner houseplant. 

Plants produce their own plant hormones like auxins, which are involved in root formation.  You can often just put a stem cutting in water, wait, and the roots will grow. 


A rooting hormone will help expedite the process and increase it's likely hood of success.  When the cutting is from a mature or woody section of plan, the extra help goes a long way.

How long does Propagation of Rubber Tree Take?

You're looking at a month to see roots develop.  It's long enough to make you go crazy, but have patience!  Your little plant baby is doing everyth it can to come through for you.  You've just gotta believe...

Ways to Help Your Ficus Grow Roots

Start with a Healthy Rubber Tree and

Choose a Mature Stem

You want about 6 inches of stem to start your new plant.

Make a Clean Cut

The connection point of the leaf on the stem is the node.  Cut in the morning, just below a node.  Use clean shears or a knife.


cut here for propagation of rubber tree



Clear the Stem

Remove the lower leaves so that just a straight stem will be going into the propagation vase.

You only need to leave a couple leaves at the top.


Alternate propagation method: Air Layering

If you'd like to go the complicated air-layering, check out Iowa State's Hort News Article on How to propagate a rubber plant with ari-layering.  You'll need some sphagnum moss for this.

Link to Air Layering Propagation of Rubber Tree article in Horticulture and Home Pest News, via Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.


Rooting Hormone, if you will.

Here are some things you can use from around the house to help your roots come out:

  • honey
  • apple cider vinegar
  • Aloe vera
  • Willow water
  • cinnamon

These are a few organic and low cost solutions to try as rooting hormone.


Decide Where the Propagation Goes

You created a little monster.  Congratulations. 


Now, what? 

Do you have the perfect propagation spot? 

Are you dreaming of your personal spa day with your new friend?  It's going to grow up so fast.






Will you give this to a friend? 

Propagations make great gifts for the plant lover.

Who's on your secret santa list?

propagation of rubber tree as gift for the plant lover