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Earth to Daisy

Wall Planter Sets

Two diamond shaped wall planters!

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Wire Color

White Diamond Wall Planter Sets!

Introducing our all-white, diamond-shaped semi-hydroponic wall planter set!


  • This is a a set of two hanging planters.
  • Attach them to any wall using  one strong screw into a stud or drywall anchor.
  • Each is only 3-4" so just one strong wall connection is great.


Experience the convenience of using a soilless medium like Leca with our planters, giving you better control over indoor plants' nutrient flow and water absorption. 


Modern and Fresh Look

Add a touch of green for the freshest look!  Get this clean white body and black or gold rack diamond planter for a minimalist appearance that elevates your earthy home decor.

The diamond-shaped planter set is functional and adds a unique and elegant touch to any wall space.

Enhance the beauty of your indoor space by incorporating our diamond-shaped semi-hydroponic wall planter sets.


A nice hanging solution for practical indoor gardening with an added touch of style.


Get your diamond wall planter set today and elevate the beauty of your living space.