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Earth to Daisy

Bamboo Wooden Plant Stand

Simple support for your plant friend.

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Dirt in the jungle is a common..

Lovely out there, but not as lovely in our house. It's hard to move every vessel for cleaning.  Deep cleaning?  Fine!  Everyday cleaning? Gah!

This simple bamboo wooden plant stand will help boost the baby (plant) a little closer to the light while making it a little easier for you to wipe up underneath.



Elevate your indoor jungle with this simple bamboo wooden plant stand!  This little planter is part of our Buy 3, Get 1 program.  No code needed, just add 4 to cart and you'll be discounted on checkout!  Let's make home decor with nature a little easier!


Bamboo Wooden Plant Stand Details


How to Use:

Simply interlock the two separate pieces and add a dollop of glue for extra strength.

Pictured above is the M 7.5" stand with a standard grocery-store-florist Orchid pot.

This size also fits a 1-gal nursery pot.

It holds your plant 3.5" in the air, with slightly less than 3" clearance underneath.


What's included: 

  • Ships in two flat pieces that lock together. 
  • For added strength, a dollop of glue would make her legs very strong!
  • (2) leg components that equal one stand.
  • Bamboo Plant Stand only. (Pot nor Plant are included.)


Our Guarantee:

Earth to Daisy strives for a well-nurtured garden!  We welcome the feedback loop and work towards a healthy product lineup.  We offer our plant friends:

  • US-Based Customer Service to help you get your order right.
  • A 14-day refund guarantee.
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $65


 Thanks 🙏 for shopping at our plant inspired 🪴 home decor store 🛋, Earth to Daisy! ♻️

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