15 Minutes to See the Sea

15 Minutes to See the Sea


Earth to Daisy is something my mother would say to me as a child in an attempt to bring my attention back to the "here & now".

As an adult, yoga & meditation, reading, time outside, and freedom to seek comfort in my own space, including my mind, are important to me.

The connection between forces inspire me and the power of possibility keeps me a live with creativity.  I feel motivated by stories of women winning.


My theme for the year is to capture fleeting moments.  


I'm grateful to be living somewhere so abundantly beautiful.  This space I find myself in these days is a biodiversity hotspot.  There are about 25 biodiversity hotspots in the world.  It means there are more endemic species in this area than in most.  More flora and more fauna.  More birds, lizards, bugs, and mammals than in most places people live.

To read a book on the hammock with the birds singing in the breeze is a dream come true.  All of the nature surrounding me wants to make my decor earthy and bring the outside in for the few & far between days I can't make it outside much.


I live in the redwood forest. 15 minutes to see the sea.



I've seen whales migrating, dolphins flipping, seals surfing, and eel spawning. Happy to be here, tippy typing from my cabin in the woods.

Okay, enough about me.  Let's get back to the earthy home decor vibes!