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Plant Parenthood

You're a blossoming plant parent and you have your reasons!

Earth to Daisy is an online planty boutique that was started for one simple reason:


#Plantlovers unite! We are Urban Jungle Bloggers and we're looking for  #instaplants for our new #plantshelfie!

I'm sure we can all agree on a few things, here.  Let's see.  If you've been on your plant parenthood journey for anymore than just a few seasons, then you'll know that #plantlove does not come without costs!


First, there's the plant!  You need to purchase a cutting or a fully potted plant from the #houseplantcommunity, or from you local garden center!


There are honestly, too many ways to get #instaplants these days.  Whether green is your favorite color, or #plantsofinstagram is your favorite planty hashtag, there are hundreds of options for finding your way through the #urbanjungle.


We love watching our house plant community go shopping live on instagram!  Today we got to see @plantmeinthedirt go snag a new plant!  Do y'all follow Tati? 

She delivers content that is a great mix of real-life #plantlife shopping adventures, #plantcaretips, self-care thoughts, and delivers it all in a perfectly worded package!


Here's one of my favorites quotes by Tati of the #houseplantcommunity (@plantmeinthedirt): 

"When you're in a dark place, you sometimes tend to think you've been buried.

Perhaps you've been planted.   Bloom."



What a great message, Tati! 


At Earth to Daisy, we believe in plants, community, self care, and we believe #planttherapy works because #plantsarefriends!







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