Pumpkin Floral Arrangements

Pumpkin Floral Arrangements

Spooky season, woo!  Hold the PSL, we're after pumpkin floral arrangements this season!


Nothing says it's autumn like fall mums and pumpkins at the grocery store.


While we love a great pumpkin patch, we're after a more garden-lovers version of fall decor ...


Pumpkin Floral Arrangement Season

pumpkin floral arrangement on white bench


 Easy Pumpkin & Flower Arrangements


The simplest way to get a fall look is to put flowers and pumpkins next to each other.  You can do it.  Here are some pumpkin flower setups.


two white pumpkins with flower arrangement on wood background


White pumpkins make our heart happy as we're just not really into orange.  It does screen halloween, but we're here for the cool while oranges. And the ones with those awesome warts.  How rad for making flower arrangements with pumpkins.

flower arrangement with pumpkin



Pumpkins Next To Floral Arrangements

You can totally carve out a pumpkin and arrange flowers directly inside, but we tend to place pumpkins next to floral arrangements instead. 

A full pumpkin will stay fresh for much longer than a pumpkin that is carved up to be a flower vase or a jack o lantern.


Most Popular Flowers with Pumpkins

The flowers you'll see most often with pumpkiins oan patios are mums.  Mums are short for "Chrysanthemum" and are available in a variety of fall colors.  You'll see mums as a shopper at grocery and home stores as well as nurseries this fall


pumpkins and flowers white mums on stone walkway


pumkin floral arrangements


Why Are Pumpkins So Popular in the Fall

Some of it is looks, nostalgia, psychological triggers.  Other is that pumpkins are easy to grow and nutritious.

When push comes to shove in the fall, there are pumpkins.  Though we don't rely heavily on pumpkins for food these days, it's available in most forms.  Pumpkins are abundand and easy to grow.


Pumpkin Flower Arrangement Ideas