Pick a Pilea Variety for 2023

Pick a Pilea Variety for 2023

We're jumping into the family Urticaceae and looking to choose another Pilea variety for the collection! We are into plants as gifts, and today we're looking for an easy plant to gift a friend.

As we look towards the future, one thing is certain; we're ready for more earthy decoration with plants.

Foliage has taken the world by storm in recent years —and at Earth to Daisy, we are here for the Plantdemic. As a whole, our greenery obsession shows no signs of slowing down. Let's choose a Pilea variety to gift a friend.

 Pilea variety peperomioides on wooden night stand next to bed with foliage pillow case

Pilea plants are appealing and full of life.  Easy to keep alive and rewarding.  It is a great gift that keeps giving so long as you give it a bit of water.

Which pilea variety makes the perfect gift?

Which pilea variety goes best as a centerpiece with my grandma's silver?

Below we have 7 varieties of pilea for your own indoor jungle this upcoming year. Get ready for some serious tropical vibes - let's get started!

Introducing the 7 Pilea Varieties of 2023 and How to Choose the Best One for Your Home

Pilea is a beloved houseplant. Known as the Chinese money plant, Pilea comes in all shapes and sizes. The trendy, twisty Pilea depressa invigorates a room. The classic, round Pilea Peperomioides look like little tiny pancakes.

How do you choose the right Pilea variety for your home? Fear not, plant lovers! There's a Pilea out there waiting to brighten up your vibes with more earthy home decor.

Pilea peperomioides - The Classic Chinese Money Plant

Meet the Pilea Peperomioides, also known as the classic Chinese Money Plant! This cutie is taking the plant world by storm with its unique round leaves that almost look like lily pads. Aesthetically pleasing and rumored believed to bring luck and prosperity into your home.

Place peperomioides in bright, indirect sunlight away from harsh rays. Water it once a week when the top is dry, and you'll have a happy and healthy plant for years to come.

Add the Pilea Peperomioides to your plant collection and watch the good energy flow. 🌿💰


Classic like an old friend.  This Pilea variety peperomioides is the classic Chinese Money Plant often gifted to friends as good luck.

Pilea glauca - The Silver-Leafed Beauty

The Silver-Leafed Beauty is a plant that never fails to impress. With its unique leaves that resemble tiny silver coins, this Pilea variety will add a touch of magic to any room. The Pilea Glauca is perfect for all skill levels. This plant is gorgeous and easy to care for. Silver-Leafed Beauty prefers the top inch of soil to be dry before drinking water. Put a Pilea Glauca on your plant shelf for a touch of earthy decor. Soon you'll have pups for a friend!

Pilea mollis - A Fuzzy, Low Maintenance Indoor Plant

Looking for a low-maintenance indoor plant that'll bring some life to your home? Look no further than the Pilea Mollis! This fuzzy little guy is perfect for anyone who's gonna forget to water a couple of times. Plus, with its unique texture and vibrant green color, it's sure to add some fresh vibes to any room. Make sure Pilea Mollis gets some bright, indirect light and water it when the soil is dry. So go ahead, add some pep to your step (and your home) with a Pilea Mollis!

Pilea libensis - The Dainty Dwarf with Heart-Shaped Leaves

When you want a little more joy to your space, pick up a Pilea Libensis! This little charmer has heart-shaped leaves - perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of love to their home. Delicate in appearance, the Pilea Libensis is a tough little plant. Happy in a variety of light conditions. Libensis doesn't need too much watering.

Plus, it's air-purifying qualities make it a great addition to any room. So why not bring the dainty dwarf into your life and watch it thrive?

Pilea spruceana - An Evergreen Succulent with Unique Pink-Tipped Leaves

Pilea Spruceana is a quirky fun addition to homes decorated with plants. This evergreen succulent has leaves resembling miniature paintbrushes. Bright, indirect sunlight and regular water will suffice. Pilea Spruceana brings a little fun and fresh energy to your space. Enjoy its playful personality and charming appearance along with your earthy decor.


Pilea involucrata- Panamiga, Friendship Plant

This pilea variety, known as Panamiga or the friendship plant, is low maintenance and perennial. Use a peaty soil-based potting mix and water moderately in the spring and summer. Less frequent fall and winter watering will help prevent stem rot in Pilea involucrate. Pilea variety involucrata is nontoxic to dogs, cats, and horses, according to NCSU.

Enjoy the velvety dark green leaves with bronze undertones, dark red underneath, and light green edges. Propagates easily via stem cutting. Snip, snip, pass to a friend!


Pilea cadierei - the Watermelon Plant

This Pilea variety resembles a watermelon texture and also carries the common name "Aluminum Plant". The foliage of this pilea appears to have been splashed with aluminum paint. Cadierei's upright posture is noted for its textured silver and green markings. It grows in a shrubby clump to 12" tall.


This Pilea variety resembles a watermelon texture and also carries the name "Aluminum Plant"


From the classic Chinese money plant to the evergreen succulent pink-tipped Spruceana. These 7 pilea varieties of 2023 have something for every stylish and earthy home.

Pilea are ideal for busy individuals because they don't take much care. or those who don’t consider themselves green-thumbed. With so many alluring characteristics from which to choose, it can be difficult to decide on just one.

Earth to Daisy is here to provide you with earthy home decor and inspiration for your for-now home. Explore these seven beautiful pilea varieties of 2023 today to add to your earthy home decor.