Gift Guide for Plant Lovers

Gift Guide for Plant Lovers

Hey Plant Moms!


Let's get started early on the gift guides.  We focus on earthy decor!


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Here are some rad items to consider as your gift guide for plant lovers. Plant motherhood is so in right now, so let's assume you have a modern plant mom on your gift list!


  • wooden gua sha tools
  • metal hanging plant holders
  • bamboo makeup remover pads
  • monstera poster
  • yoga blocks sustainable
  • hanging hoop (planter)
  • propagation jar
  • simple ceramic planters
  • hanging planter gold
  • house plant books
  • female body vases

The obvious member of the gift guide for plant lovers! 

House Plant Books

Whether it's better off on your coffee table or in your study, there's nothing wrong with another book about plants.  House plant books can be used to nudge your friend towards life in the green.

We need plant-friends, people!  Let's set them up for success with a few clues (aka house plant books) laying around.


Earthy Decor on our Gift Guide for Plant Lovers


Simple Ceramic Planters

If you're going thrifting, chances are you're not going to find the matchy matchy flower pots.  When you need a uniform look to slow down your foliage frenzy, look to simple ceramic planters.


Three of a kind can go a long way to tone down a hectic corner. 

What's your go-to decorating accent color?


Sustainable Yoga Blocks

When you're looking for yoga blogs sustainable isn't always the first thing the marketers are pushing.  Earth to Daisy has cork yoga blocks which help you practice backbends for earth.


Monstera Poster

Plants don't always make the best gifts.  You may not understand the lighting patterns in your gift-receiver's home. 

Some plant are pretty particular.  Like the Monstera.  It takes up a little bit of room when it's happy.  But you know what is much easier to care for?  A Monstera Poster.  Every plant mom has a corner of her home that's too dark and for that ... we have plant posters!

This foliage filler frame series from Earth to Daisy was inspired by mismatched frames!  One way to make mismatched frames feel more cohesive is by putting in similar images.  Go count your old frame and check out the frame fillers plant poster series from Earth to Daisy!



Eco Makeup Remover Pads

Bamboo/Cotton blend is soft and supple.  Reusable is in, disposable is out!  Wash and reuse these bamboo makeup remover pads.  The bamboo holder and reusable pads will fit naturally in your plant lover's home!




Floor Cushions

There's just something grounding about sitting down while you do plant chores.  Comfortable floor seating for adults is niche, but if your foliage-obsessed friend likes sitting on the grass outside, then this is great gift for the plant lover.  Floor seats in the plant room? Yes please!


Hanging Planter

There's not enough floor space for the plants. This much we know.  A hanging planter will help any plant mom.  Metal hanging plant holders make great plant mom gifts.


Do you like your aesthetics lighter like gold or dark?




Body Vases

Earth to Daisy has a simple collection of body vases. So if you're looking for something with sass, check out our female shape body vase options.

Women's Body Vase

Woman Body Vase - Thinking 

Face Vases

Body Vase Activity


Succulent Stickers

Stuck looking for a simple gift to include with a card? Succulent Stickers from Earth to Daisy have got you covered. Pairs well with a new Stanley, journal, or laptop.  Assorted succulent stickers to delight on a small scale.  Get a succulent sticker in red, green, purple, or blue.

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