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Earth to Daisy

Woven Basket Planters

S = 8" / / M = 11" / / L = 13"

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Earth to Daisy's woven basket planters - the perfect accent to bring your plants to life and your decor to a cohesive look.

Each basket planter is natural, sturdy, and designed to add a touch of earthy charm to your home or garden.

Our woven basket planters provide function and an earthy look to your indoor decor.

The beauty of these woven basket planters does not stop there. The earthy materials add a cozy and inviting effect to any space. The natural woven finish goes well with your unique pieces of decor.

Keep your plants in their nursery pot. Place the pot inside your basket! Our woven basket planters are an easy way to add some greenery to your space! Create an oasis in your living room! Our woven basket planters provide a perfect solution to a cohesive look.

The look reminds us of the beach! This sand-colored material makes us calm in our home. We love bright flowers and variegated foliage and neutral, natural decor.

We love having products made of earthy materials in our homes, our neighbor's home, and our shops!

Natural woven baskets and earthy materials in your space create a sense of warmth. Connecting with nature is easy when it's woven into your decor.

Our woven basket planters allow you to add a touch of earthy home decor to your household.

These woven basket planters make it easy to achieve a harmonious and natural look in your home.

Join us in creating an eco-friendly living space with our woven basket planters today!

Create a nice cohesive look for your plant room with a few simple woven basket planters. 


S Size: 22x20cm   / /  8"

M Size: 32x28cm  / /  11"

L Size: 38x34cm   / /  13"