Fall Mums

Fall Mums

Time for Fall Mums!

fall mums in yellow on hay with green and orange pumpkins

Mums come in a variety of colors.  They'll be anywhere from the grocery to local nurseries in the next couple of weeks.


Your local garden nursery will be carrying mums soon, and we recommend going to an independent nursery if you can!



Some pumpkin patches carry mums too, because mums go great with pumpkins!

orange mums in a apple basket with a pumkin and text overlay "fall mums"

We love seeing the see of mums all lined up at the nursery.


Mums are such a pretty way to line your front door for the fall.

Red mums look lovely with orange pumpkins for fall porch decorations.

red mums lining porch steps with various pumpkins for halloween



If you're getting your mums from a questionable source, you may have to submerge the rootball in water to get it good and wet before putting in the ground.  If it feels top heavy, it will need a lot of water!

full arch of mums at landscape nursery. orange yellow red white mums you can walk through


More fun photos of mums for fall:




It's a good idea to get mums that have more buds than flowers.  Then you'll get to enjoy the longest bloom. 

Do you match or contrast your door color with fall mums?



We love yellow and purple mums.


Are you into complimentary or contrasting mum colors?  Or neutrals whenever you can?





orange mums and orange pumpkin

white pumpkins purple mums on stone walkway


Do you prefer mums planted in the ground or keep them in pots by the door?