Earthy Home Decor Vibes Inside Earth to Daisy

Earthy Home Decor Vibes Inside Earth to Daisy


As humans, we can benefit from being surrounded by the elements in our living spaces. Ask Feng Shui. In our quest for a store full of earthy home decor, we're creating Earth to Daisy.

We're a plant-inspired shop. But no living plants for sale here. We're more like plant posters and teak kitchen utensils.
You'll find propagation vases, filler foliage for frames, and simple bamboo plant stands. In the blog, you'll find helpful tips like how to plant tomatoes and round-ups of useful plant-inspired content.
Fancy granite counter-tops and antique storage crates are both perfect examples of earthy home decor in our book! We love a stroll through an antique mall and local hand made goods.
We feel calm around naturals and neutrals. How about you?
White desk, green plants. Short trips outside to a place with plants. That will make us happy. And the sound of water is really nice.
Earthy decor like plant posters and plant stands. We're not a plant store, by the way. We're a little nomadic, actually.
We just don't have the infrastructure to ship live plants. How fun is it though, that we can get plants shipped straight to our homes? The Plantdemic is still on!
Earth to Daisy is more than an earthy home decor store. We're a community, if you're into that. We want to encourage you to try new things. We love doing collabs about earthy things. We have an ambassador crew.
We like to ground ourselves often to earthly things. Metal, wood, water, earth, wind, gravity, space. We play with toys ... even as adults. We are writers. And watchers, and listeners too. We like the sound of music, the hoot of an owl, and petting pups.
We are sound-sensitive and happy to hear the birds over manmade noises. We take a lot of deep breaths.
Have you ever used a singing bowl in your plant room? We're pretty fascinated with sound healing. Have you ever had the opportunity to sit with a sound healer?
We like watering our plants. We spend a good amount of time outside. We try to never deny the day & always say hello to the sun.
On full moons, we stay up late ... ponder, snack, and howl a little. Not on purpose, but it tends to happen most months.
On our search for sustainability, we found the need to build a business that we relate to. And we relate to earthy home decor. Earth to Daisy was originally a tiny physical outdoor space. But retail is not for me. I need more interaction with the world. A deeper connection.
Earthy home decor is our starting point. We're building slowly and naturally. Following the flow, learning, trying, iterating, and reiterating.
In real life— we like plants, flowers, people, & pets. Same as most people, we think. We like the beach and the mountains, but if we had to choose just one ... We think life is like a mountain.
Our founder grew up on a flower farm in the 90's and knows how to get dirty in the garden. This is her first online plant adventure.


We curate a collection of pretty cute home goods to help plant moms nest in their home indoor jungle environment.

A cozy home meditation corner for #planttherapy with #booksbooksbooks


We believe in setting your space.

We believe in creating the environment that helps set your intentions.

We believe in community, curiosity, and creativity.

A tiny terrarium for green home decor featuring the urban jungle tiny house plant club.

We believe that together we can conquer the fears that hold us back, and give us the power to create our own destiny, to write our own future, to be mindful of our presence, and to forge our own path.  And live inside a home adorned with earthy home decor.


We believe in us, and we believe in you.


We'll see you around.