Dahlia Festivals

Dahlia Festivals

Flowers are fantastic and today we're chatting about Dahlia Festivals.


Many Dahlia Societies in the United States have been around since the early 1900s.  Fancy women have been loving these fancy flowers for a while now.  And we love them too.


If you take enough moments with these impressive flowers, Dahlias are sure to grow on you.  


Growing dahlia from seed produces a new variety every time.  This leaves dahlia cultivation open to artistry.  Many humans specialize in hybridizing dahlias each season.  There are thousands of varieties and a big old community to go along with them.




Dahlias are very popular today and there are many thousands of varieties.  Vibrant flowers of many sizes, dahlias have won over many hearts.  


pink cream dinner plate dahlia



Growing up on a flower farm has me keenly aware of the spectacular beauty of garden tours.  There's a whole thing.  For much of my childhood, my vacations were mostly spent at other people's gardens.  



dahlia fields with many multicolor dahlias


If you're looking for something new to try this summer, try going on a flower tour.  Today we're talking about Dahlia Festivals you can attend this year in 2023.


Midwest Dahlia Spring Plant Auction - June 2023

More information about the annual midwest dahlia meeting.

Elkhart, IN

June 3, 2023


pink dahlias in a case


Oregon American Dahlia Society Show - August 2023

Portland Dahlia Society Hosting



Seattle Dahlia Show - August 2023

Sky Nursery, Shoreline, WA

August 12 - 13, 2023


Here's a big list of Northwest Dahlia Shows in August and September. 



Long Island Dahlia Society - 

September 2023

Dahlia Photography Competition


coral dahlia blooms in a fiel


Monterey Bay Dahlia Show - September

September 2 -3, 2023

Location TBD. Check-in with Monterey Bay Dahlia Society here!




Gettysburg Dahlia Show - September 2023

HarbaughThomas Library, Biglerville, PA

September 1-2, 2023

 multicolor dahlias on a row

Philadelphia Society Dahlia Show - September 2023

Longwood Gardens, Kennet Square, PA

September 9 - 10, 2023



Holland Dahlia Event - September 2023

Location of Holland Dahlia Event

September 8-10, 2023



Ohio Dahlia Show - September 2023

92nd Annual DSO Dahlia Show

Summit Mall, Akron, Ohio

September 15 - 17, 2023

Details from the Dahlia Society of Ohio located here for the DSO Dahlia Show.



Central States Dahlia Show

Chicago Botanic Garden, Chicago

September 16-17, 2023

Central States Dahlia Calendar



National Capital Dahlia Society Show - September 2023

Brookside Gardens, Wheaton, MD

September 23-24, 2023



American Dahlia Society

American Dahlia Society is made up of 70+ local dahlia societies with the United States & Canada.  

To find a dahlia society near you, visit the American Dahlia Society Website.


simple pink dahlia with fiery throat 


Are you obsessed with Dahlias? 

Check out this podcast with Kristine Albrecht of Santa Cruz Dahlias on The Flower Podcast!



white dahlias and white roses with eucalyptis