Daffodil Care After Blooming

Daffodil Care After Blooming


You came here to learn about daffodil care after blooming.


Here's the TLDR:


Pull the spent flowers.

Leave the foliage until it's been droopy and dead for a few days, then cut.





white daffodils in yellow vase on wood shelf on a white a white brick wall
Read on for a list of

Daffodil Festivals this year! 


more daffodil care after blooming


Maybe there's one near you!
It's spring! Woo, so pretty! 

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Should we snag their Social accounts!? Fill that feed with flowers, baby ...


Here's a song about Daffodils

called Some Velvet Morning.


Before we go to deep into why you can't cut off daffodil foliage, we're going to talk about how rad these common yellow flowers are.



Who Loves Daffodils?


Daffodils have been part of human culture for thousands of years.


We've got a list of Daffodil festivals still happening around the world at the bottom of this blog. But first, lets talk traditional daffodil love. Then we'll go back to daffodil care after blooming.


Daffodils in Traditional Culture


  • In India, tradition says that Daffodils can ward off evil spirits. Who doesn't need that?
  • In ancient Greece, rebirth and renewal are associated with daffodils. It makes sense to me as they awaken with the spring.
  • China sees good luck and prosperity in the dainty yellow and cream flowers.
  • In Europe, daffodils are said to bring joy to people's hearts.


Many cultures celebrate the vibrancy of Daffodils with different symbolism. 




Will Daffodils Bloom in a Container?

 daffodils in a container

Daffodils are a lovely choice for small spaces like patios or south-facing balconies.


With the right daffodil care, they will bloom in a container.
Growing daffodils in containers is a lovely way to enjoy the bright splashes of yellow.

After your container daffodils bloom, car for them by pulling the spent flowers. 

But don't cut the foliage yet! If the leaves are green, your daffodil is photosynthesizing food for the next season.


If you pull the daffodil foliage too soon, you risk pulling the whole bulb out of the ground! Or worse! risking next year's daffodil bloom!

The bulb won't have enough nutrients to bloom in the spring if you cut the foliage too soon. Good news with a container though, you can just plant something new around it.

How about the classic red geraniums? Are you into those?

Container-grown daffodils are best planted between late summer & early spring— depending on your climate zone.

daffodils care after blooming


Daffodil Care After Blooming


When your Daffodils finish blooming in the spring, don't pull the foliage! I know you want to. Everyone wants to. We just can't. Just pull the flowers.


Care for Daffodils by leaving their leaves until they go brown.



How do I care for Daffodils after they bloom?


Daffodils hold onto their leaves for a while. It won't even be easy to pull the leaves off. A sure sign the plant wants to keep them longer!

I usually go for a snip snip when they're good and dry. Daffodils just need their leaves.

leave the leaves sign to remember daffodil care after blooming
Leave the daffodil leaves be!

Daffodils are among the most recognized and beloved flowers in the world.


Daffodils are sometimes known as jonquils. There are different varieties to choose from!

We love the miniature daffodils that reach just a few inches tall. There are trumpet-shaped daffodils that can reach 18"!

Some daffodils are creamy; some are deep orange. You can find bi-colored variations. White and yellow, yellow and white. There are small-flowered daffodils. They make a great little splash in a rock garden! And there are nice big daffodils ready to wow onlookers with a big statement.

Daffodils will bring beauty & smiles to your garden every year with proper care. The yellow-eyed daffodil prefers well-drained soil and full sun! They will take some shade and like plenty of water during their growing season.



women slips daffodils in her beige trench coat pocket


Do this After Your Daffodils have Bloomed!


Daffodils like fertilizer in the spring.


After they've bloomed as they prepare to go dormant for the summer and sleep all winter.

Winter is cold and harsh, even if not all snow and hot cocoa at your house. Whether you find yourself hibernating in the winter or antsy to get out at the first sign of a nice day ... daffodils are there to greet you.



Let a little yellow daffodil be the reason you put a little pep in your step.



Daffodil Care After Blooming is a Waiting Game


If you cut your daffodil foliage when it's green, your daffodils won't bloom the next spring. There. I said it. So blunt. I know. Just keep the foliage even though it's wilting. You can do it! A little yellowing foliage now makes way for beautiful,bright, stunning sunshine in the spring when you really need it.

Spring is a time of growth and renewal. Awakening from the dormant season of winter.


Crocus and daffodils bloom in my mind when I think of the snow melting in the spring.

Other flowers coming alive at the same time are: tulips, peonies, hyacinths and cherry blossom trees!


Daffodils Blooming with Crocus

daffodils and crocus blooming in the spring snow 

This is a site for sore sad winter eyes where I grew up. Daffodils & Crocus




Planting daffodils will add early season color and beauty to your garden. Thin rows of daffodils will give the appearance of uniformity and orderliness. Planting in big patches will allow you to play with the varieties. You can differentiate in sections or mix together for lots of texture.

So when these little yellow sunshine flowers are blooming bright as day, check out the festival closest to you. Make time to celebrate this lovely totem of spring with your family. Then worry about your daffodil care after blooming.


 white daffodil with orange throat on earth to daisy


Daffodil Festivals

 New Castle, New Hampshire celebrated 400 years this April dressed with 8000 daffodils blooming, and they're not the only ones celebrating this little yellow flower.

Here's a little round-up of Daffodil Festivals

In case you're traveling around the world looking for flower festivals to attend someday.

1. The Daffodil Festival & Parade in Tacoma, Washington (March 27th-April 3rd, 2023)
This one has a Princess Tea.

2. The Narcissus Festival in France (April 10th-14th, 2023)

3. Manjimup Daffodil Festival in Australia (September 2nd-4th, 2023)

4. Dublin’s National Daffodil Day in Ireland (February 28th and March 1st, 2023)

5. The Skagit Valley Daffodil Bloom Tourin Washington State (mid-March to early April 2023 )

6. Chincoteague Island's Annual Flower Festival in Virginia (March 18–20, May 6–8, and October 21–22nd ,2023 )

7. Pembrokeshire Coast’s Golden Fields of Springin Wales (end of February to mid April 2023 )

8. Oxfordshire County’s Splendid Sea of Yellowin UK (Late January Through Mid March 2023 )

9 . Yolo County Fairgrounds' Annual Fairfield Daffodils Show and Sale in California. (Saturday February 19 & Sunday February 25 2023 )

10. The National Daffodil Show & Conference in England (April 28th and 29th 2023)
yellow and white daffodils with blue sky on earth to daisy

11. The Great Daffodil Planting Day in the Netherlands(March 23rd-24th, 2023 )

12. Easton’s Annual Daffodil Festival in Maryland (April 8th-9th, 2023 )

13. The Nashua Daffodil Project in New Hampshire (April 1st to May 3rd2023 )

14. The Muskoka Lakes Springtime Festival in Canada(May 28th and 29th ,2023)

15. The Great Yarmouth Daffodil Festivalin UK(March 15th – April 7th, 2023)

16. The Pretty’s Daffodil Festival in Scotland (April 8th-30th, 2023 )

17. The Niagara Region's Annual Daffodil Plantingin Canada (April 3rd to June 1st2023 )

18. The Abbotsford Tulip Festival in British Columbia (April 1st to May 9th, 2023)
white daffodil with orange throat on earth to daisy
19. The Greater Hartford Daffodil Society’s Annual Show in Connecticut (April 18th and 19th 2023 )

20. The Durham Region's Springtime Festival in Ontario (May 28th and 29th, 2023)
21. Gloucester Daffodil Festival (April 6th & 7th 2024)
22. Connecticut Daffodil Show // April 26 -27 2023


Daffodil Care After Blooming  


(for the bottom readers)


Pull the flowers when they're done blooming.

Leave the green leaves until the shrivel up.

After, and only after the leaves shrivel up, cut them.


If you don't do daffodil care after blooming by leaving the leaves, your daffodils won't bloom next season.


 daffodils care after blooming leave the leaves


It's not that they don't want to bloom.

They won't have enough energy.

Daffodil care after blooming means

leaving the leaves

til they are brown before cutting.