Butterfly Garden Near Me

Butterfly Garden Near Me

Can you feel your life fluttering by?
There's a special place nearby that will have your heart.  
The butterfly garden near by.


white butterfly against blue sky

"Across religion and culture, butterflies are so significant to people.  They represent change in people's lives ... Happiness, sorrow, rebirth, and transformation. Butterflies are very symbolic."

—Butterfly Wonderland


monarch on cosmo 

The Butterfly Gardens near you will have nature coming to life in the front of your eyes. Children and adults both get lost in the awe of hundreds of butterflies floating around.

Visiting a butterfly garden will

lift your spirits! 



But building a butterfly garden at your place
will last for seasons
If you're double down with diy—
here's your vid to create your own:



How to Create a Butterfly Garden Video




white butterfly on purple daisies in a field
This magic type of community garden is a true haven where visitors of all ages can immerse themselves in nature's beauty.
Bring fam or friends to experience
the joy of colorful butterflies fluttering by.
Visitors of butterfly gardens say they love witnessing the magic of metamorphosis. And the feeling of being immersed in nature.
As one patron put it—
"It's incredible to see these vibrant and diverse creatures up close. I feel a sense of peace and tranquility just being in their presence."
Most butterfly gardens boast an incredible range of butterfly species. You'll find the iconic Monarch and the unique Zebra Longwing if you're lucky. The Cabbage White and the breathtaking Blue Morpho butterflies are other species to look for in a butterfly garden.
You might even find butterflies taking a pause on your arm!
Sometimes they take a momentary break from their busy activities.

Vibrant clothing helps a butterfly

choose their guest to rest on.


 + + + + + + 

Experience the wonder of nature fluttering by.

Butterflies are active through the summer.
Pocket this family-friendly activity for a weekend without soccer or plant swaps.
And you're also supporting conservation efforts.
A fun day that supports a good cause! Yay!
Butterflies play a crucial role in our ecosystem. They deliver valuable pollination services that are vital for food production. When you visit a butterfly garden ... You are on a sustainable vacation! Your party gets to enjoy the beauty of the butterflies.


Save the butterflies!



+ + + + + +


Butterfly Garden Michigan

 Website: Detroit Zoo Butterfly Garden

The butterfly garden is open year-round and kept at a tropical 75 degrees.  So if you're int eh midwest and dreaming of a tropical vacation you can't afford this year (you'll get there, sis) then maybe just check out a butterfly exhibit in Detroit.  It's also a wedding venue.  Just sayin.


This garden is an oasis of color, life and movement that will leave you awestruck and delighted.


Visitors of all ages come to our Butterfly Garden because they love being enveloped in nature's beauty and serenity. As one visitor puts it, "Upon entering the garden, I felt like I went to a magical place, where I witnessed nature's beauty at its best. I was amazed by the diversity of the butterflies and had a blast learning about their different habitats."

Our garden is home to a wide range of butterfly species, from the vibrant Monarch and the striking Black Swallowtail to the ethereal Painted Lady and the majestic Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. You might even see a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, as they have been known to do during our exhibit.

black butterfly  pink flowers black swallowtail


Butterflies don't just inhabit the garden, they also serve as pollinators, which is critical to the survival of plants. When you visit our Butterfly Garden, you are not only enjoying the beauty of the butterflies, but also contributing to the conservation of their habitats.


At the Detroit Zoo Butterfly Garden, we provide a welcoming environment for visitors of all abilities. The garden is fully accessible to wheelchairs, and we provide rest areas and benches for visitors to take in the garden's beauty.

So, come explore our Butterfly Garden and discover a world you've never seen before. with a wide range of amenities and accessibility features that ensure all visitors can take part, we can't wait to share this natural wonder with you.


butterfly on flower at earth to daisy

Video: Top 5 perennials to plant for a butterfly garden


 Butterflies love flox. —Butterfly Guy


butterfly on flower at earth to daisy


Butterfly Garden Ohio

 Website: Blooms & Butterflies

Instagram: @fpconservatory


Take a stroll through lush flora adorned with hundred of colorful, exotic butterflies in Columbus, Ohio.  Ohio's best Butterfly Exhibit is open March, April, and May at the Pacific Island Water Garden.


monarch butterfly on sand

Butterfly Garden Las Vegas

Open April and May from 10 - 3!
Butterfly Habitat is free to Springs Preserves membership.
You can become a Springs Preserve member for $30 for the season.
(Which is cheaper than breakfast & coffee one-time in Vegas.)
If you're not into "Vegas" — you will be into the Springs Preserve.
There's plants, history, fun, education, desert cultures, & family-friendly events. It tends to be a bit of a mixing pot of families in a nurturing environment— a bit of an anomaly in Vegas.
Oh yeah, plus there are butterflies!




white butterfly purple wildflowers

 texas state outline

Butterfly Gardens in Texas

Houston Butterfly Garden

Cockrell Butterfly Center

 Website: Cockrell Butterfly Center in Houston TX


Cockrell Butterly Center has about 1200 reviews with a 4.8 rating—

here's a recent review from a Houston local.

Houston Butterfly Garden Review



Butterfly Garden Dallas

Texas Discover Gardens Butterly House 

 Website: Texas Discovery Gardens butterfly House


Listen, Texas is hot.  And dry.  If you find yourself in Dallas, but are searching for the jungle, you're going to want to go here.  With a handful of memberships for adults, families, groups, and photographers ... You'll want to go at least twice.  I'd be hopping on that $150 Photographer's membership for a year of unlimited photo shoots.  Regular adult Adult admission to the Butterfly House is $10/day.



Florida Butterfly Gardens:


Butterfly Garden Coconut Creek


Website: Butterfly World


Described as "Fantastic, fanciful & fun" by a 5-star reviewer, this south Florida gem is the largest butterfly aviary in the world.  Butterfly World opened in south Florida in 1988.  


A magical place where you can witness nature's beauty up close and personal. Butterfly World is a wonderland of fluttering butterflies, vibrant flowers, and tropical trees, making it a must-visit destination for all ages.


Visitors love the opportunity to walk among tropical butterflies in a natural, open-air environment.


"It's like walking inside a fairy tale," says one satisfied patron. "The butterflies were so beautiful, and the garden was so serene and peaceful."


Butterfly World is home to a diverse range of butterfly species.


From the gorgeous Blue Morpho to the quirky Pipevine Swallowtail, and visitors can even spot the elusive Owl Butterfly. As you walk through the garden, you'll experience the joy of discovering new species and the wonder of seeing them up close.



Butterflies play an important role in pollination and the environment, and at Butterfly World, we believe in educating visitors on their role in nature. Our garden also includes avian exhibits and botanical gardens, showcasing the diverse ecosystems that butterflies call home.



Butterfly World is dedicated to providing a welcoming experience for all visitors. Our garden is fully accessible, and we offer a variety of amenities, including a gift shop, café, and picnic areas.



Admission to Butterfly World is affordably priced and discounts are available for groups and seniors. Come explore Butterfly World, where nature's beauty unfolds all around you. You will leave with a renewed sense of awe and wonder and with memories that will last a lifetime.




Butterfly Garden Key West


 Website: Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory

You already know this one's going to be amazing. 

Lush densse forest-y butterfly garden in Key West. 


Not sure you'll love it? 


Check the live butterfly webcam here!


Pink butterfly on pink flowers


Butterfly Garden New Orleans

 Website: Audubon Butterflies

This Asian themed lush garden is full of free-flying butterflies.  A serene and gorgeous end to the Audubon Insectarium.


Butterfly Garden Wisconsin


Butterfly Garden Los Angeles


Butterfly Garden San Diego 

 Website: Butterfly Farms

Butterfly Farms is a nonprofit org dedicated to education, conservation, and research.  Butterfly Farms in Encinitas offers guided educational tours for schools including home-schools.



Butterflies in Washington


You can attend the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma!


The Tacoma zoo has a seasonal butterfly exhibit where visitors can walk among hundreds of butterflies in a beautiful tropical setting.


blue butterfly on yellow wildflowers on a hike


Washington Butterfly Hikes: Earn your butterflies!

Alternatively, you can take a hike to go see butterflies. Take a few hikes, if you want!  

North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park is home to a variety of butterfly species, including:

  • Western tailed blue butterfly
  • mariposa copper butterfly
  • silvery blue butterfly


Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge has wetlands and open meadows that provide ample habitat for butterflies.


Columbia Plateau Trail

Columbia Plateau Trail spans over 130 miles across Eastern Washington.  There are abundant wildflowers that attract a variety of butterfly species.

These are just a few of the many places where you can see butterflies in Washington state. Keep in mind that the best time to see butterflies is during the warmer months, from late spring to early fall.




International Butterfly Gardens
Here's a little teaser about butterfly gardens around the world. 
Dreamy butterfly gardens Canva ai on Earth to Daisy
Butterfly Garden Dubai
Website:  Dubai Butterfly Garden
Butterfly Garden Victoria
 Website: Victoria Butterfly Gardens