9 Ways to Inspire Calm with Earthy Home Decor

9 Ways to Inspire Calm with Earthy Home Decor

9 Ways to Inspire Calm with Earthy Home Decor

Homes Decorated with plants provide a sense of ease and calm to plant moms across America and the World.  
From Nebraska to Norway, plants are popular again. Variegated foliage provides a place for our rambling attention to settle on for a moment.

Here are 9 Ways to Inspire Calm with Earthy Home Decor


1.  High Ceiling Habitat

Lots of bright, indirect light often accompanies high ceilings. You'll be able to corral your plants together to create an outside-in type of environment.
Consider natural elements and ceiling hangs for plants. Grow a massive monster with a hefty moss poll to propagate later.

2.  Pretty Propagation Jars

No matter the size of your space, you can propagate something this spring.  You've already kept one plant baby alive.  Now that it's thriving, you'll want to make space for the young.  Right?  Chances are, you have a perfect propagation jar available to you right now, in your cupboard.
If you're here to shop, check out the Propagation Jar Collection from Earth to Daisy!

3.  Bathroom Plant Buddy

Bathrooms are boring.  My bathroom feels empty after a Sunday cleaning spree until I get my trailing plant friend back in there.  It's too white without a little greenery.
Our rustic wooden toilet paper holder makes a great little plant shelf and fits right in with your earthy house decor.

4.  Office Oasis

Where are my work-from-home plant mamas at? 
Fun foliage allows my wandering attention span a great place to land.  After admiring a new leaf on my trailing golden pothos, I can get right back to it.  Wandering minds enjoy a little variegation. Textured foliage accepts attention without demanding action.

5.  Plants on a Porch

A covered porch can be useful to create a jungle-inspired environment. Inspiring in an otherwise too-sunny location.  In the jungle, many "houseplant"s live under the canopy in their natural environments.  A covered porch can help simulate this environment.  Choosing the right plants to absorb too much sun can provide a better place for a shade lover.

6. Propagation Jar Sill

Greenery in the window is a sight for sore eyes.  Both your passersby and the people in the home get to enjoy a window sill with propagation jars.
The plantdemic sent us to our rooms to wait.  Wait for what?  Some of us twiddled our thumbs while many started businesses.  A few people made music from inside our homes, and others bought a lot of plants.
And what happens to plants?  They grow.  And when our plants grow, we propagate.  And then we're able to plant indoor decor that helps us feel calm at home.

7. Wildflower Posies

Gather a small arrangement of wildflowers on your walk around the neighborhood. 
Place them in vase out of of direct sunlight. Fresh flowers are adorable and refresh a space for a few glorious days.

8. Ferns in Frames


Picture frames with pressed ferns can add earthy home decor to any home.
Foliage or flowers pressed between a two pieces of glass frame is a lovely way to decorate a space.
A sight we love around here is a lush fern.  Who doesn't?  From puzzles to picture frames, walls to patios, we love to see green foliage.  
Ferns pressed into a hanging picture frame from earth to daisy. Decoration with plants and a butterfly.

9. Planty Book Nook


Plants in a book nook are going to help takes some of your peripheral attention. 

This helps you get back to your reading.  Are you into reading fiction, looking plant care up in Plantopedia, or referencing how to brew your next witchy concoction?


By surrounding your periphery with plants,

you'll find it easier to get back to the subject in the book. 


When you look up, you see calming, pretty, natural surroundings.  You can hear the whisper in the texture.  "You do you, girl, we got this background stuff handled."


Plants accept your attention by absorbing your looks with their magical foliage.

There's some science to say that loftier the ceilings in your surroundings, the loftier your thinking tends to be. 

Plants help create a new atmosphere. 


What plant indoor decor are you working with? 
Screened in tropical porch // a Hot arid summer /or/ somewhere in between?

Homes Decorated with plants inspire millions.
Plants provide a sense of ease and calm to plant moms across America and the world.  
Whether your space is small, or tall, you can find the perfect little pot for your first african violet or go all out with an entire plant wall inside your home.  You can collect propagation jars on a sill or build out a plant room with halo lights or a grow tent.