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Earth to Daisy

Try Something New Every Month

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Inertia is the name we give the phenomena that sitting on the couch feels better than not sitting on the couch.

Inertia is also the name we give the phenomena that we could go a little further on our walk, now that we're walking.

Inspiration is not something we need once, but many times.  Even Thoreau trampled the same pathways when he left society to go live by the pond.

We've all heard it said "Variety is the spice of life."

Well, okay. Let's go with that.


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Try Something New Every Month is a Nudgey/ /not Judgey
twice-monthly email designed to get you off your rocker. 

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Life has a way of catching up with us. 

  • Let's trample the turtles before the turtle tramples us.
  • Let's stuff our own stockings before out stockings stuff us.
  • Let's crack the nuts before our nuts crack us.


If you're feeling stale, or bored, or ready for more in 2023 ... this is for you.

Two of my favorite joy-giving activities
came to me in a year where I decided to
try something new every month.  

For me, it was skateboarding & hula hooping,
but it will probably be something different for you.


$27 gives you access to my supercalafragalistic extra radical emails twice per month.

$27 gives you 24 emails in your inbox that are encouraging you to do something nice for yourself. 


Life is not always about buying more and more.

Try Something New Every Month is more about doing than buying.

If you're very logical & rigid & disciplined, Try Something New Every Month might be a little too wishy-washy for you.  


 Try Something New Every Month is NOT:

  • a never ending sales pitch.
  • a list of things you should do.
  • another boring af email in yourbox every day

 Try Something New Every Month IS:

  • More of a "show", than a shove.
  • Frequently curious.
  • Collaborative
  • Interactive
  • Inquisitive


Our Guarantee:

This $27 will get you a lot more inspiration than last Tuesday's afternoon latte. 


Come inside!  You'll get

  • a little nudge in the right direction
  • opportunities to join the conversation & the community
  • an email that's guaranteed to sound like me.  (Because I wrote it!)


Why we made this:

We used to think sustainability meant keeping all your cups, but nope!  It means build a sustainable foundation you can step up onto.  Something new that wasn't there before you made it.  Something like this, or perhaps something a bit more like you.

If you do like what I'm putting down, you'll have first dibs on my other paid programming, but I promise this is not a sales pitch 24 times.  


Inside you'll find:

  • Quotes with pretty squares you can swipe.
  • Questions to ask yourself or someone else.
  • Probably a joke.  Links to fun stuff.
  • Story.  Life is told in stories.


A measley $27 gets you:

  • 24 reminders to explore
  • 24 shots at the best email in your box
  • 24 inspirational stories
  • 24 smiles delivered via email
  • 24 nudges to try something new without being told exactly what to do.


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