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Earth to Daisy

Semi Hydroponic Pots - Round

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Looking for a way to make your indoor or outdoor garden more sustainable?

Check out our Semi-Hydroponic Pots!

Using a soilless medium and the semi-hydro growing method, this pot has and inner container and an outer container.  Provide your plants the perfect nourishment they need with liquid fertilizer. Semi Hydroponic pots reduce maintenance and minimizing the risk of plant disease.

The clear water chamber, makes it easy to monitor and maintain healthy water levels.

Our semi hydro pots are a great option for those who lead busy lives, and they're also environmentally conscious.

Say goodbye to soil disposal and reuse the same water and nutrient solution for multiple plantings, which positively impacts your carbon footprint.


Don't miss out on the sustainable gardening movement.

Try our Semi-Hydroponic Pots today and enjoy happy, healthy plants that are good for the planet!