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Earth to Daisy

Semi Hydroponic Pots - White

Self watering planter - Grow big baby!

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Semi-Hydroponic Pots


Semi Hydro Pots are the perfect solution for indoor gardening enthusiasts! Let's make home decor with nature a little easier!

Our simple white or grey semi-hydroponic pots have been developed to allow for easy watering and efficient water usage for your beloved plants.  Our semi or passive hydroponic pots are perfect for growing leafy foliage or lettuce in LECA or a Pon growing medium.


Our Semi-Hydroponic Pots work with the semi-hydro growing method, which involves using a soilless growing medium, water and nutrient solution for plant growth.

This method is known for its ease of use and efficiency, as it provides your plants with all the nutrients they need while minimizing overwatering and the risk of plant disease.

The clear water chamber built into the pot makes it incredibly easy to monitor water levels and ensures healthy plant growth.


Our Semi-Hydroponic Pots are perfect for those who have busy schedules, as they require less maintenance and allow for consistent nourishment for your plants with an added liquid fertilizer.

Our unique pots are not only a great addition to your gardening needs but are also sustainable. With our Semi-Hydroponic Pots, you no longer need to dispose of soil. You'll be able to reuse the same water and nutrient solution for multiple plantings, reducing your overall carbon footprint.

Choose our Semi-Hydroponic Pots from Earth to Daisy today and take your indoor gardening experience to the next level with a hassle-free and sustainable solution.




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