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Earth to Daisy

Macrame Plant Hanger - E

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Elevate your natural home decor with this macrame plant hanger! 

Sometimes our plants can struggle, just like us.  We may need more sun, more water, more nutrients, or more time to just …hang out!  Millions of new plant moms struggle with knowing how to care for our plant babies.  Maybe today is a macrame kinda day.

Give your plant a new place to hang out!

Sometimes plant care can take away from self care.  We have scoured for a fast-delivery and high-quality macrame to deliver world-wide. Give your plant friend a break with a simple hang out spot to chill and catch some rays.  Sounds nice, ay?



  • Adds to the boho vibes of your cozy home.
  • Keeps plants closer to eye level for maximum enjoyment.
  • Give plant a nice place to grow up!
  • Does not require fertilizer or nutrients.
  • Washable.
  • Holds a variety of pot size.
  • Does not talk back.
  • Will not wither up and die until you ask it to.  (Biodegradable!)


Elevate your indoor jungle with the macrame of your choice and be ready for a quick delivery and a new place to hang your plant in under 2 weeks!


Macrame Plant Hanger - E Details

How to Use:


First, install your ceiling hook according to weight capacity and ceiling hook directions. 

Remove from packaging.  

Hold from ring to find opening, place plant in pot inside it’s new macrame hammock.

Hang macrame with plant of choice from ceiling!

What's included: 

  • Ships fast.
  • Protected in plastic.
  • High-quality design.
  • No plant included. Macrame only. 

Our Guarantee:

Earth to Daisy strives for a well-nurtured garden!  We welcome the feedback loop and work towards a healthy product lineup.  Let's make home decor with nature a little easier!  We offer our plant friends:

  • US-Based Customer Service to help you get your order right.
  • A 14-day refund guarantee if you're unsatisfied.
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $65

Whether you're into plant parenthood yourself or are looking for gifts for the plant lover — Earth to Daisy has you covered with cool decor for a room — setting you up to use plants as decor on a budget!