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Earth to Daisy

Macramé Hanging Chair

Ready to hang out with your plants!?

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M acramé Hanging Chair

Every summer morning, Jess would eagerly wake up before the sun and meander into her backyard. She'd grab her book and head to her special chair in the garden, surrounded by her plants. The ecstasy of the morning breeze brushing against her skin and the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers would wash over her.


Jess would sit in the chair, her feet up, and bask in the comforting ambiance of her garden. Sometimes, she'd spend hours on end in her lush green oasis, lost in her thoughts, but mostly, she was just happy to be with her beloved plants.



Take a chill pill on the porch or in the plant room with this macramé hanging chair.  each chair features an intricate, hand-knotted pattern that ensures durability, flexibility, and superior comfort for years to come.


Hang Out With Your Plants

If you're looking to create an oasis of tranquility and relaxation indoors, our macramé hanging chair is the perfect statement piece you need. Swinging gently in your hanging chair, surrounded by the lush and verdant greenery of your plant room or meditation space, is the epitome of relaxation. It's gentle sway is sure to calm your mind, refresh your senses, and help you find inner peace - a true escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Purchase hanging chair kit as well!