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Earth to Daisy

Le Pen - Plant Colors!

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Plant-Inspired 5-Pack of Le Pens!


Listen, we love taking notes around here, but we're going to have to color-code them, duh.  And we'd like mostly green, please!

Can't rainbow coloring everything forever!

Why don't  they make pens in plant colors, so my bullet journal can be as pretty as my indoor jungle?


Well they do! Make Plant Inspired Pens at Earth to Daisy!

We made a big order from our favorite pen company, Marvy Uchida, laid out all the packs, and are bringing you our favorite pens in our favorite colors. No need to compromise today, Darling!


You're going to love this plant-inspired pen pack!  

Smooth and Silky fine point felt tip note session, coming right up! Le Pen - Plant Colors! from Earth to Daisy comes with 5 pens from Marvy Uchida (omg yeah, I know right?!).


All five are Le Pen, so you can expect classic, thin, smooth, lines in an easy to hold barrel. You're going to receive 5 plant-inspired colors in your pack.

  1. Dark Green
  2. Jade Green
  3. Light Green
  4. Sepia
  5. Mustard



Le Pen is made in Japan by Marvy Uchida.  This Plant inspired pen pack ships from USA to USA!         (Sorry to the other-worldly folks!)


Pen Packs come with a sticker and a discount for your next purchase from

Earth to Daisy!


Thanks so much for supporting a small women owned business, plant-friend!