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Earth to Daisy

Hori Hori, Classic by BAREBONES

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The hori hori is my most used gardening tool, aside from my hands.  


The sturdiest hand tool you'll find is the Barebones Ultimate hori hori.


It comes with a sheath for the blade.  Your other garden tools are already jealous.


As I mostly container gardener these days, I find myself using this classic Japanese gardening tool more than I use my actual shovel.

 Barebones in as B Corp makes beautifully designed tools for self-sufficient practices like gardening and cooking.

This gorgeous Hori Hori has a soil knife with a vine cutter and a full tang you can see all the way to the end of the handle.  As a classically trained knife sales(wo)man that grew up in a flower garden ...  I appreciate the heck out of this Hori Hori.


I mean ... Who wouldn't want to weed for 8 hours with this handsome fella from Barebones?

You can cut pesky vines, dig a cat hole for camping, transplant all your annuals, and plant your bulbs with this garden tool.  Oh yeah, and open your bucha.


Handsome enough that you might convince your man that gardening is macho.  Worth a shot.  There's an Ultimate Hori Hori from Barebones, too. But I much prefer this Classic side as I am not very tall & macho.