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Earth to Daisy

Half Page Kraft Notebooks

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Basic Kraft Notebooks-  Mix N Match Styles!


This basic kraft notebook is part of our Buy 3 Get 1 Free Collection.  We'd say it is essential, but suppose you *could* live without it!  

We are lifelong learners around here and still enjoy taking notes. We got overwhelmed long ago with all the random notebooks and donated them to The Thrifty! 

Now we have a nice stack of these simple kraft notebooks and something simple for our gratitude practice!

In house, we use mostly blank notebooks, but sometimes structure is nice. 


Get those ideas out, track your watering, write love notes to your plants!

Each notebook is 15 full-size pages folded in half and sewn together! 

You'll have (60) 85." x 5.5" surfaces to write on.  


We want to hear what you have to say, 🪴 Mama! 

Lines are great for gratitude and journaling.  Squares for planning. 

Dot Grid for releasing creativity and organizing the mind. 

Blanks for getting what's in your mind out of your head and into a format someone might be able to benefit from some day. 



Mix and Match styles.  3 Blanks + 1 Dot grid?  What's your perfect combo?