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Earth to Daisy

Foliage Fillers | A Monstera Cutting

What size frames do you have already?

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Not all corners of your house are perfect for an actual plant.

That's where plant posters come in.  When you need a simple plant background despite the lackluster light.

Check out this Monstera Cutting Foliage Filler Frame Series! 

Foliage Fillers Frame Series is a photo collection from Earth to Daisy, the plant-inspired home decor store your plant 👩‍🌾 bestie shops at! 

The intention behind Foliage Fillers is to gather the frames you already have in the closet with outdated photos and fill them with foliage!  🌿  Let's make home decor with nature a little easier! 

It's a modern, earthy way to incorporate filler foliage into your homes.  You can always go outside and gather green sand flowers for filler foliage, but we appreciate this clean, modern alternative.  What frames do you have around that you could fill with foliage plant visuals?

Waterproof & Printed on High-quality Cotton Canvas. This fun monstera print will do fine with a few splashes of water from doing your plant chores!  

3 Sizes in this collection:  5x7, 8x10, 9x12... 

Foliage Fillers Details 

This series was curated with the idea that we all have a few unused frames lying around!  Let's use what we've got.  We can make a cohesive, modern look with green foliage fillers on white backgrounds even with mismatched frames.

Go check what frames you've got lying around!

A simple solution to plant care taking away from self-care.  Give yourself a break with something simple to hang in the dark spot of your indoor jungle.



  • Adds to the indoor jungle vibes of your cozy home.
  • Brings plant decor to the dark wall of your indoor jungle.
  • Does not develop yellow leaves.

Elevate your indoor jungle with this clean plant-inspired wall art!

How to Use:

 Unroll and lay flat face down with books for 6-12 hours to let the curve settle. 

Attach to the wall in the method of your choosing.  

We have easy light frames to display your foliage prints if you don't have frames around the house.  

What's included: 

  • Ships rolled.
  • Protected in plastic.
  • High-quality printing
  • No frame included, poster only. 

Our Guarantee:

Earth to Daisy strives for a well-nurtured garden!  We welcome the feedback loop and work towards a healthy product lineup.  We offer our plant friends:

  • US-Based Customer Service to help you get your order right.
  • A 14-day refund guarantee if you're unsatisfied.
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $65


When you need affordable earthy house decor, come to Earth to Daisy!
Whether you're into plant parenthood yourself or are looking for gifts for the plant lover — Earth to Daisy has you covered with cool decor for a room — setting you up to use plants as decor on a budget!