Pilea Variety

Pilea looks a little like a silver dollar pancake, to me.  But I suppose a silver dollr pancake is named after aa silver dollar.  So, it's pretty easy to see why pilea is commonly called the Chinese Money Plant.


It's also known as the friendship plant.  It tends to have a lot of pups when it's happy and those pups grow up into plants that are striking to look at and easy to care for.  So that's cool.  Have you ever give a plant to a friend as a gift?


Pilea is a great house plant because it is generally easy to take care of.

Secondly, the friendship plant has many options just within it's own family Urticaceae.  This family contains over 200 pilea varieties.


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The friendship plant!


homes decorated with plants - pilea variety in mid century plant stand - earth to daisy


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Earthy Home Decor featuring Pilea

Pilea: Decoration with plants!


pilea at bedside as decoration with plants examples at earth to daisy

Classic Pilea Variety - Chinese Money Plant

A proud Pilea plant with pups sits vibrantly on the bedside table, soaking up the indirect light available in this brightly lit room.

When the Pilea plant is growing, it seems to discard old leaves by yellowing them first.  When they turn pale, they drop off, and the pilea adds a new pup or new leaves.  

The waxy leaves of the friendship plant prove an interesting addition to a textural garden.  Alongside fuzzy or frilly leaves, the silver dollar shape of the Chinese Money plant and it's waxiness provide an appealing contrast to the admirer's sense of touch.


Pilea Variety - Pilea depressa

This little cry baby wants lots of bright, indirect light.  Other than that, she's easy peasy.   Pilea depressa is every Pilea Variety's favorite little sister.  She grows long strands of tiny leaves.  Easy to propagate a batch for your friend.  Pilea depressa looks amazing in a vase with a face.  Her abundant trailing leaves makes for great "hair" if you like personifying your plants as much as we do!


pilea variety: pilea depressa