Meditation Room

Meditation Room at Earth to Daisy

Welcome to your new spot.  The meditation room.  Where all your dreams of relaxing come true. Take the time to clear your mind.

Did you know that dolphins are conscious breathers?  They are mentally aware of every breath they take.  It doesn't go into self-drive mode ever, or hey would breathe in water.  Dolphins don't breathe salt water.  They breathe air, like us.  If you're feeling like you can't breathe underwater in your life right now, it might be time for some meditation.  Time for some conscious breathing.

Sometimes you need a change of space to find a change of pace.  Have a seat. Change the environment with smells and sounds that relax your being. Welcome to the Meditation Room at Earth to Daisy. Here you'll find products for relaxing. We have Cork Yoga Blocks, smudge pots and sage incense sticks, singing bowls for beginners, gemstones, and adult floor cushions.

Whether you need to relax your body or your mind, we've got you covered in the meditation room.  Get the bowl singing, light your smudge stick or a candle and breathe deep. We're a big fan of mudras, they help us feel a pose is finished ,and we're doing the right thing.  Breath in through your nose.  Out through your mouth.  Repeat for 3.

Take a moment to Ohm with us. We are looking forward to namastaying with you in the Plant Room.

What's your favorite conscious breathing technique?