Propagation Jars Make a Great Gift

Propagation Jars Make a Great Gift


Propagation Jars make a great gift for a handful of simple reasons.


Give A Gift that Promotes Growth

A propagation jar is a gift that promotes growth.

Most gifts promote consumerism.  Some are very thoughtful.  Most are meaningless, but we all vaguely agreed that it's the thought that counts. 


My elderly neighbor fell in the street last spring and I was the second responder.  911 had already been calle dand e we just waiting.  I laid down in the street with her to wait and she says sh'ell never forget it. Ya know what I'll never forget?  The spider plant she showed me at her place that her mother gave to her.  She's long gone, but the Spider plant lives on. 


Cute, right?


A propagation jar is a gift that promotes growth.


propagation jars from earth to daisy



A Gift with a Sense of Responsibility

What I love about the propagation jar gift is that it CAN accept a sense of responsibility, but it doesn't DEMAND responsibility.

Like, let's say a beta fish from the fair that you thought would die in a week but you had for 3 years.



Have a friend of family member who's feeling down?  A Propagation jar is a clean slate to try caring for something. You did not disappoint this leaf.  Just change it's water every few days.  Watch it grow.


Who's depressed?  Propagation jar for you. aand you!


propagation jars as gifts promote growth 

Give A Gift That's Green — a Propagation Jar

Stick a leaf in it, a little water, and we are done! Propagation jar for everyone.  It's even easier than that time I made everyone a pillowcase for Christmas.


  • It's reusable.  
  • It's sustainable.
  • It's adorable.
  • Clean & Green.


propagation jar as a gift


Propagation Jars are a Gift that's Reusable

After your cute little leaf + node have started to grow new beautiful leaves, it'll outgrow these cute propagation jars. 


You'l have your choice of medium to plant in.  That's a whole other blog post though :)


When you've moved your first leaf out of your Earth to Daisy propagation jar, you'll be able to reuse your propagation jar to start another plant from another cutting!  So fun!

Fill your propagation jar up with more water rand a new leaf and you can keep on keeping on.


The gift that keeps on giving green vibes.


 Propagation Jars for gifts from Earth to Daisy


A Reason to Interact

Sometimes we need a little something to talk to. 

We find it more potent when that thing is alive.  A Propagation jar can give just about anyone something nice to look at and care for.



A Little Place to Remember Nature

There are a lot of triggers for technology. 

At Earth to Daisy, we'd like to remind you to set triggers to remember nature, too. 

If you don't spend as much time as you need outside, plants inside can help. 

If you don't know where to start, a cutting from a friend for your brand new propagation jar form Earth to Daisy can be your first reminder self-initiated reminder to do outside stuff.