How to Organize Scarves

How to Organize Scarves

When cozy season approaches we remember the seasonal problem of how to organize scarves.

In the summer, we tend to box up our scarf collection for the sake of space.  But as the long pants and long sleeves come out to play, we're bring our lovely collection of cozy scarves with us.

From the twist to the shower curtain ring, humans have found both practical and beautiful methods for hanging our cozy adornments.

Say "Peace Out" to the tried-and-failed open-cubby shelf "method" of stuff & go.  Learn X simple ways to organize scarves this winter.


Methods for Scarf Organization


Organize Scarves in a Woven Basket

One simple way to corral your scarves is by keeping them in a woven basket. 

You can get a woven basket or rattan bag from Earth to Daisy or scroll for more ideas on how to organize scarves.


organize scarves in a woven basket from Earth to Daisy



Scarf Display


Scarf Rack

Use a Girth hitch, ring hitch, or "baggage tag loop" to hang your scarves on a rack.


fall scarves organized on a rack with the cow hitch

Shower Curtain Rings

Drawer Storage to Organize Scarves

One of the easiest ways to organize your scarves is by folding scarves and placing them in a dresser drawer.

Dedicated Scarf Box

Finding a nice hat box you like could be a great and decorative place to keep your scarf stash if you don't have space in your dresser.

Behind the Door Shoe Storage


Folding Scarves

Folding scarves is an easy way to store seldom-used scarves.  If you just have a few scarves, and easy fold like you would your dishcloths is enough.  Going for a scarves in a drawer or open box?  Do the Kondo Fold.  Stacking high for display?  Use a cardboard cheat sheet for an even space.

  • Easy Fold
  • Marie Kondo Fold
  • Cardboard Fold

Using the Marie Kondo fold will make your pile of scarves easiest to work with.  You will be folding the ends to the inside.

Using Cardboard to fold scarves in the same shape is a great way to display scarves for sale as it's pretty quick.

folded neutral scarves— perfect organization with cardboard for uniform fold


Organize Scarves on a Ladder

A ladder is a beautiful way to organize scarves.  This ladder is made out of bamboo.  I have an old ladder I found at a local antique/recycled goods store.  Draping your scarves over the rungs of a ladder is a beautiful look. It can be an a frame ladder or just leaning up against the wall.

scarves organized on a ladder