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Earth to Daisy

Plant Pot Stand Wooden Legs

Elevate your favorite plant!

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Elevate your plant journey with a bamboo floor planter!

We all know plants make people happy, but sometimes our plants can struggle, just like us.  We may need more sun, more water, more nutrients, more drainage!  Millions of new plant moms struggle with knowing how to care for our plant babies.  Maybe today, you or your plant just needs a quick pick me up!

Give your plant babies a lift!

A simple solution to plants taking the back row.  Lift that wishlist plant you finally got up towards the light with this simple bamboo floor planter!


  • Mid modern style legs you can leave natural, stain, or paint!
  • Easily clean underneath.
  • Raise up plants from the shadows.
  • Say it again for those in the back!
  • Makes room for getting more plants into the light.


Elevate your indoor jungle with this simple bamboo floor planter!


How to Use:

Simply twist the legs onto the base.

Medium fits a 1-gal nursery pot. 

No hole, lined with plastic.

Best practice, keep plant in nursery pot. 


What's included: 

  • Ships in four pieces that lock together simply. 
  • For added strength, a dollop of glue would make her legs very strong!
  • (3) leg components and one basin that equal 1 stand.
  • Bamboo Plant Stand only. (Plant not included.)


Our Guarantee:

Earth to Daisy strives for a well-nurtured garden!  We welcome the feedback loop and work towards a healthy product lineup.  We offer our plant friends:

  • US-Based Customer Service to help you get your order right.
  • A 14-day refund guarantee if you're unsatisfied.
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $65