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Earth to Daisy

Amber Cut Flower Vase

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Pretty Cute place for a lovely little flower.  We are frolickers and appreciate the beauty we see out there.    On the search for sustainability, we found these modern table top vases that use clean lines to accentuate a small touch for a bigger impact.  Snag a wildflower cutting from the neighborhood this summer or buy yourself a single rose.  Celebrate the small beauties in life.  Magnify the positive.  


Cut your stems long, always at an angle.  

Place fresh flowers in fresh or distilled water, a shot glass or repurposed little jar would be adorable!

Change water daily and snip off the bottom again when you do!


Suitable for dried flower as well.  No water necessary if you've already hung your flower to dry.

Could be used as a candle holder instead of a flower vase, but let's not do both at the same time, k? Thx!