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Earth to Daisy

Flower Place Mats - Metallic Colors

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Flower Place Mats instantly add a beautiful touch. 


These metallic-colored flower place mats from Earth to Daisy are for decoration.  They're a reusable way to bring a little floral fun to your space.  


They would look darling with a little bouquet of flowers in a vase or a new leaf in a propagation jar on top.  But even with out those lively additions!  


This Flower Placemat will bring a tinge of joy to your space. 


These mats are more form than function. 

You see the holes?  They're not catching crumbs. Just making the place prettier. 


You can hook up a floral-themed party pretty quick with these bad girls. 



Stack a few books on top at the end table.  Or maybe a plant? 

Or heck, a plant on a book?  I know, so risky. 


These Flower Place Mats come in metallic colors.

They are not actually metal. It's faux.  Cute, though!


19" Diameter

Set of (4)