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Dogear or Bookmark?

How do you read a book?

Fun-Fact, plant friends.  I've been an entrepreneur since I was in elementary school, when I made my friend help me create hand-made bookmarks to sell at my momma's summer plant sale, which we held at our house every weekend from June - August.  

My mom specialized in growing Daylilies, with each garden bed dedicated to a different hybridizer.  We had hundreds of varieties of daylilies as well as a thriving zone 5 four-season perennial garden.  I grew up outside, for the most part.  In the woods, or in the garden.  Most of my childhood was spent in the garden, when I wasn't at school or at the pool.  If I was inside, it was books, and learning weird tricks with my body.

I set up a table at my momma's garden sale each weekend.  I made signs, I set prices, I talked with clients.  There was a low barrier to entry at the time to this world of entrepreneurship, but I was officially in business... Lemonade + Bookmarks!


But let me tell you a quick secret....

I mostly dogear my books!  Personally, I think a little wear and tear adds character, and truth be told, just like I'm not bringing back my target purchase, I'm not reselling my books, either!


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