Earth to Daisy Boutique Online

Earth to Daisy Boutique Online

Hello, Lovelies!


Welcome to Earth to Daisy. 


We curate a collection of pretty cute home goods to help plant moms nest in their home indoor jungle environment.

A cozy home meditation corner for #planttherapy with #booksbooksbooks


We believe in setting your space.

We believe in creating the environment that helps set your intentions.

We believe in community, curiosity, and creativity.

A tiny terrarium for green home decor featuring the urban jungle tiny house plant club.

We believe that together we can conquer the fears that hold us back, and give us the power to create our own destiny, to write our own future, to be mindful of our presence, and to forge our own path.


We believe in us, and we believe in you.



We aim to make #livingwithplants a little bit more fun!